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Matrix Reloaded comes out and is SSH enabled
12:30:22 2003 05 19 - darkewolf - from geek-culture

darkewolf writes..


The new Matrix movie is out. Matrix Reloaded. Personally I havent seen it yet, but heh, maybe this weekend. But already its got some `street cred` because of the PVC clad goddess in it, Trinity, using nmap to find a SSH enabled machine in a private network (inside an office) to break into another machine and take down the power... way hey!

Article stolen from The Register below:

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Paranoid Delusions
08:47:11 2003 04 28 - darkewolf - from future-world

darkewolf writes..


We have a new Freeside article, written by a young lass called RainbowGyrl titled Paranoid Delusions: Consciousness and the Future of Multimedia. Its a paper that explores the effects of multimedia on our lives. Read, enjoy and make constructive critques.

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High-tech Implants Aren`t the Future of
20:16:59 2003 04 22 - darkewolf - from Cyberware-presentDay

darkewolf writes..


An interesting article about body modifications and high tech implants by the owner / operator of

I wont post the whole article here out of the respect for Shannon by the byline is:

Do we want something that`s going to be "neat" for 15 minutes, asks body mod guru Shannon Larratt, or something that will permanently enrich our lives?


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Self Healing Mine-field
15:53:24 2003 04 15 - darkewolf - from cyber-warfare

darkewolf writes..


A rather interesting project by DARPA about Self Healing Mine Fields [].

Although I disagree with the use of minefields, from a technology point of view this is rather interesting and does lead to the potential of having deactivation of mines with the sending of an encrypted command.

The Flash animation is rather spiffy and cute. I think I should hack around and do a CP.o Animation ;)

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Reliable commucations
12:00:56 2003 04 15 - darkewolf - from computer-senses

darkewolf writes..


This will be one of those long winded thoughts that I pound out now and again in order to produce cohesive thoughts.

My line of thinking (and I do welcome comments) is based around producing reliable and stable and useful communications methods for in-the-field people.

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AccentSoft Utilities released Accent Office Password Recover
00:17:18 2003 04 10 - darkewolf - from advertisement

ws writes..


Once again, cp.o becomes an advertising medium! Oh for kickbacks, oh for casual sex with models! Where are our kickbacks?

Accent Office Password Recovery 2.10 is a password recovery software for Microsoft® Access, Microsoft® Excel and Microsoft® Word 6.0/95/97/2000/XP.

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3D technology improving
17:35:09 2003 03 27 - darkewolf - from display-technology

kreiner writes..

Scientists from the university of Texas have come up with a new and improved way of creating live holograms, all though still in its infancy it looks promising.....

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WhiteTown software releases new line of products for working
12:58:41 2003 03 10 - darkewolf - from blatent-advertising-that-i-cant-be-bothered-fitlering

whitetown writes..

WhiteTown Software has released new line of products for working with DBF files. This line of products contains such titles as CDBF - advanced DBF viewer and editor, CDBFlite - software that allows you to work with DBF files using command line and via Web, and CDBFAPI.DLL - the library of over 120 different tools for working with DBF files that does not require database drivers, like ADO/BDE/ODBC.

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Virtual awakenings.... vr-1.1
03:22:04 2003 03 14 - darkewolf - from fiction

NetMaus writes..

This is a short story i wrote myself....

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Mind Reading/Control
01:48:01 2003 03 19 - darkewolf - from brain-development

steveam4 writes..

I was hoping to send an email and get a response about mind reading/control, so I am submitting this to hopefully get more information regarding the possibility and probability that I could be a guinea pig for such a device.

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Perth, Australia to host the space elevator?
11:44:48 2003 02 20 - mab - from space-technology

mab writes..

PERTH is one of two spots in the world being considered for development of a space elevator, a new concept in space travel which it is claimed would make possible tourism on the Moon.

Which makes it one hot spot... which is pretty wierd for Perth i must say :) Read the original article here

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Is it Possible for Cyberworld to Help Establish a Sane World
02:28:10 2003 02 17 - mab - from culture-alternatives

DrGeorgeM writes..

\"Values are the best single predictor of real behavior,\" according to Paul ray and Sherry Ruth Anderson, the authors of The Cultural Creatives. This group which according to research is 50 million strong is largely unknown even to themselves. But the Cyberworld is allowing them to know each other and for the world to know and hear them. This is evidenced by such groups (websites) as the America\`s Progressive Community - Common Dreams NewsCenter, where over 120 groups on the frontlines of change - represent tens of millions of progressive-thinking Americans.

[NOTE TO THE AUTHOR: please be aware that a large percentage of our readers are not Americans... there are other countries too. Also, your article reads a bit like an ad - which makes me sceptical - however, I`ve published it to give you (and our readers) the benefit of the doubt - mab]

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Lightning induced to study high-speed particle emissions
15:54:51 2003 02 03 - mab - from meteorology

mab writes..

Scientists fired rockets into raging Florida thunderstorms and learned that lightning produces not just bright flashes and a lot of noise, but also intense bursts of radiation believed to be X-rays.

Read the original article here

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